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Key Differentiators

Audits, Consultancy & Supervision

Water Audits & Consultancy by Raditech provide you the effective solutions
for your Water & Wastewater Requirements

90+ Years Engineering Experience

We understand Water! We have the expertise to take care of your requirement of Process & Detailed Engineering for Water & wastewater.

First Successful model of Group of Ownership

Every team member of Raditech Solutions owns stake in the project we execute and are equally responsible for its success. Truly, a Group of Ownership.

Best Expertise

Water Audits and
provide consultancy services

Raditech Solutions, an Indian entity started its journey Year 2017 & owned by Chemical Engineers. With our previous expertise of Conducting Water Audits and providing consultancy services to various Industries F&B, Pharma, Textile & Chemicals Industries. During Corona pandemic period, we grouped a team of Engineers who are expert in Water & Wastewater Treatment systems in Power plants, Oil & Gas, Petroleum, Food & Beverages and unfortunately lost their jobs.

We are associated with a Team with 90+ years experience in Engineering & Project Management of Pre-treatment, Utility systems, Sea Water Desalination, Demin Plants, UF-RO systems capacity up to 150 MLD.

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What We Do

Consultancy & Water Audit

Water Audits & Consultancy by Raditech provide you the effective solutions for your…

Engineering Services

We have pride in sharing that Raditech started its Engineering Services during Covid…

PMC & Procurement Services

We provide Project management & Procurement Services. We manage complete Project using our…

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